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1) Product quality also depends upon implementation of acceptable protocols for harvesting, storage, and where appropriate, processing of farm products. Harvesting must conform to regulations relating to pre-harvest intervals for agrochemicals and withholding periods for veterinary medicines. Food produce should be stored under appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity in space designed and reserved for that purpose. Operations involving animals, such as shearing and slaughter, must adhere to animal health and welfare standards.
 2) Good practices related to harvest and on-farm processing and storage will include those that harvest food products following relevant pre-harvest intervals and withholding periods; provide for clean and safe handling for on-farm processing of products. For washing, use recommended detergents and clean water; store food products under hygienic and appropriate environmental conditions; pack food produce for transport from the farm in clean and appropriate containers; and use methods of pre-slaughter handling and slaughter that are humane and appropriate for each species, with attention to supervision, training of staff and proper maintenance of equipment.

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