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1) Maintenance of crop health is essential for successful farming for both yield and quality of produce. This requires long-term strategies to manage risks by the use of disease- and pest-resistant crops, crop and pasture rotations, disease breaks for susceptible crops, and the judicious use of agrochemicals to control weeds, pests, and diseases following the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Any measure for crop protection, but particularly those involving substances that are harmful for humans or the environment, must only be carried out with consideration for potential negative impacts and with full knowledge and appropriate equipment.

2) Good practices related to crop protection will include those that use resistant cultivars and varieties, crop sequences, associations, and cultural practices that maximize biological prevention of pests and diseases; maintain regular and quantitative assessment of the balance status between pests and diseases and beneficial organisms of all crops; adopt organic control practices where and when applicable; apply pest and disease forecasting techniques where available; determine interventions following consideration of all possible methods and their short- and long-term effects on farm productivity and environmental implications in order to minimize the use of agrochemicals, in particular to promote integrated pest management (IPM); store and use agrochemicals according to legal requirements of registration for individual crops, rates, timings, and pre-harvest intervals; ensure that agrochemicals are only applied by specially trained and knowledgeable persons; ensure that equipment used for the handling and application of agrochemicals complies with established safety and maintenance standards; and maintain accurate records of agrochemical use.

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