Monday, September 1, 2014


1) Energy and waste management are also components of sustainable production systems. Farms require fuel to drive machinery for cultural operations, for processing, and for transport. The objective is to perform operations in a timely fashion, reduce the drudgery of human labor, improve efficiency, diversify energy sources, and reduce energy use.
2) Good practices related to energy and waste management will include those that establish input-output plans for farm energy, nutrients, and agrochemicals to ensure efficient use and safe disposal; adopt energy saving practices in building design, machinery size, maintenance, and use; investigate alternative energy sources to fossil fuels (wind, solar, biofuels) and adopt them where feasible; recycle organic wastes and inorganic materials, where possible; minimize non-usable wastes and dispose of them responsibly; store fertilizers and agrochemicals securely and in accordance with legislation; establish emergency action procedures to minimize the risk of pollution from accidents; and maintain accurate records of energy use, storage, and disposal.

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