Monday, September 1, 2014


1) Agricultural land accommodates a diverse range of animals, birds, insects, and plants. Much public concern about modern farming is directed at the loss of some of these species from the countryside because their habitats have been destroyed. The challenge is to manage and enhance wildlife habitats while keeping the farm business economically viable.
2) Good practices related to wildlife and landscapes will include those that identify and conserve wildlife habitats and landscape features, such as isolated trees, on the farm; create, as far as possible, a diverse cropping pattern on the farm; minimize the impact of operations such as tillage and agrochemical use on wildlife; manage field margins to reduce noxious weeds and to encourage a diverse flora and fauna with beneficial species; manage water courses and wetlands to encourage wildlife and to prevent pollution; and monitor those species of plants and animals whose presence on the farm is evidence of good environmental practice.

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