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When the Aloe Vera leaves arrive at the Mission facility, they are washed, the tips and bottoms are removed, and finally they are filleted. "Fillet of Aloe" involves removal of the leaf's exterior rind and the extraction of the clear gel found in the center. The clear gel is collected in stainless steel vats and then piped through to large mixing tanks, also made of stainless steel. These tanks hold as much as of the gel. The all important, patented stabilization process prevents the loss of nutrients and other beneficial element found in Aloe Vera. After the stabilization process is completed, the gel is placed in one of the stainless steel trailers and prepared for health and cosmetic products.
There are two basic processes used in the manufacturing of aloe vera products:
v Whole Leaf processing in which the entire aloe leaf is used to manufacture.whole leaf gels, whole leaf concentrates, and whole leaf powders.
v Aloe vera gel processing in which only the inner gel fillet is used to manufacture aloe vera gels, aloe vera concentrates, and aloe vera powders.
v Aloe rinds can also be used to produce aloe oil, placed back in the fields for fertilizer, or can be ground up and processed with the whole aloe leaf process.

Tips to take care of aloe vera:
v Water minimally
v While transplanting the newly grown pups, use a sterile knife
v Give it ample sunlight
v After extracting the gel from aloe vera:
v Store it in an air tight glass container
v Store it in a refrigerator

v Use it within 5 days

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