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Among the surveyed farmers, 8% found no infestation whilst 92% observed insect infestation. generally by a mosquito-like-insect in their Aloe Vera crops and identified as ‘leaf spot’ to be one of the main diseases whose proper protection is unknown to them. Another type of infestation was observed as ‘leaf rot’. Amongst the farmers who observed insect infestation, 92% farmers’ perception was that leaf spot was the main symptom of mosquito-like-insect infestation. No scientific study has yet been conducted to identify the actual disease and the pathogen in these areas though it is already evident that leaf spot on Aloe Vera found to be caused by Alternaria alternata and Fusarium solani.
A large portion (88%) of the farmers used lime and ash (LA) for it’s protection maintaining an usual schedule of ‘ash early in the morning or at the late afternoon’ and ‘lime at noon’. A few (4%) of the farmers used chemical pesticides (CP) for the protection of leaf spot whilst the rest (8%) took no measures (NM) for protection.

Leaf spot disease of Aloevera is the main disease, which not only affects the growth and yield of the plant but also affects its quality (bad odour of the gel). It is caused by Alternarici alternata and Fusarium solani. Regular sprays of fungicides (mancozeb or chlorothanonil 2.0 to 2.5 gm / liter water) can prevent the disease.

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