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Time of harvesting
From the past few decades, leaves of Aloe Vera have been harvesting in different form. The leaves become harvestable after 3 to 8 months after planting depending upon the propagating materials used. The study revealed that almost 100% of the farmers used cuttings as planting materials, with the shortest harvesting period of 3 months only, and seedling as a partial one with a varying range (9-18 months) of harvesting periods
(Table1). Farmers used to use hands instead of other equipments for harvesting of Aloe Vera leaves in the study area.
Harvesting can be done 6 – 7 months after planting. Plants are uprooted and processed (gel extraction) within 6 hours after harvest.    
The crop can be harvested 4 times a year. At the rate of 3 leaves cut from each plant, about 12 leaves are the harvest per plant per year. On an average, the yield per acre annually is about 60,000 kg.

Table1. Varying harvesting time of Aloe vera leaves in the study area.
Propagating materials
Harvesting time (months)
Cuttings (matured plant stalk, etc)
3.0 (100%)*
Early growing

9.0 (48%)
Variation of harvesting time due to seedling age, eager to earn money earlier, quality production
10.0 (24%)
12.0 (12%)
18.0 (16%)

* Values within the parenthesis showing the percent value of the respondents                    following the respective harvesting period.

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